Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google my business is a free service offered by Google to businesses. The platform allows businesses to register their company location, contact details and much more.

So you ask yourself, how will my company benefit from this service?

1. Appear in Search Results:
Google My Business will help your company reach more leads by matching search criteria with companies that offer relevant products/services. Once a lead finds your company they have access to view your companies trading hours, Contact information, uploaded images, ratings and reviews by previous costumers, needles to say that once your company has successfully registered for the service you must monitor the platform.

2. Show up on GPS:
Once registered your company location will be on Google Maps. If a costumer uses their phone to search/find your store and their mobile device is GPS enabled, they will be lead to your doorstep. (please take into consideration that 80% of business searches happens on mobile devices)

3. You have full control:
We will touch down on this subject again at a later stage. However the long and short of it is that thew information Google may have used to list your company could possibly be outdated and may not always represent the true nature of your company, thus once your register you have full capability to control your brand, interact on Google Plus with potential leads and keep the info updated at your own will.

If your business is more than 8 years old you may already have a Google My Business Listing that is currently unclaimed and to leads it might seem like your business is no longer running or if Google has not yet updated your records, you could possible still have that old number listed as your company number. Yes, that same number that has not been working for two years. The amount of leads lost.

4. Standout and built credibility:
As there are many who have not claimed their business listing on Google Mu Business and therefore listings that stand out and have activity usually attract more customers. The platform allows you to supplement your profile with photos and business information, you will stand out among your competitors. Your customers can also post reviews which will help build credibility.

5. Your business can be found on any device:
Irrespective of the device type, provided that the device is Internet enabled, with a verified Google My Business listing your company can be found from a tablet, laptop, Smart phone, smart watch and even vehicles equipped with Google Maps.

6.Registering are both free and simple:
If you have all your companies basic information the registering process can be complete in 10 minutes. Once you have completed you may opt to receive a verification code via telephone or post.



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