40 Business Directory Listings

R1,000.00 R600.00


40 Business  Directory Listings

Get 40 Business Directory Listings

You must provide us with the Following:

1. The Business Name & Address

2. The Business Contact Details (Phone/Email/Fax)

3. The Business Category

4. A Short description of the business as well as

5. The Business Logo and at least 3 high quality images and lastly

6. Website and Social Media Links (if applicable)

Please noteThe Service Last for 4 weeks.


Here are a few benefits of having your business registered on multiple business directories

  • Increased Exposure – The more relative business listings you have the easier it is for potential clients to find your business


  • Improve Online Authority – When potential leads see your business listing on many websites it decreases the chance that you are a “fly-by-night


  • Free/Inexpensive –  Most Business Directories Listings  have free options which will get you basic page with the company  information and contacts details.


  • Improves Website SEO  – Back-links make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking.


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