On Thursday ( 17 October 2019) I received a notification from Facebook indicating that they will remove all Grey Badges from Facebook Business Pages.

So I’m sure many are discouraged by this change as some took time to earn the Grey Verification Badge on Facebook.

Here are some questions I had when I received the information

How will it effect how my Business Page appears in Search Results?

Facebook has indicated that this change will not impact the way your Business Page appears in search results.

2. How will this effect my Facebook Shop and Verified Website?

Well, at the moment they do not indicate that it will effect the way you share your website links or the way your Facebook shop works.

3. How will potential clients know if the Business Page is genuine ?

Facebook has made no statement as to what they have in mind to verify Business Pages in the future

What do we suggest you do?

We suggest you make sure your information is accurate and up to date. For example: make sure your address, website and contact details reflect that which is on your website and other digital platforms.

We also suggest to those who have not yet verified their domain with Facebook to do so as soon as possible.

You can find the instructions here: https://reach-more.co.za/facebook-features/

We will update this post once Facebook makes an update on the topic.

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