Facebook Business Manager Introduction?

Business Manager is a free Facebook tool to organize and manage your business. When you join Business Manager, coworkers won’t be able to view your personal Facebook profile unless you’ve approved their friend request.

Facebook Business Manager are for the businesses that:

  • Have a Marketing team:  If you have more than 1 person working on your business marketing or more than 1 person managing your current Facebook or Instagram business presence.
  • Want to easily manage assets: If you manage multiple Facebook or Instagram assets such as Facebook Pages, ad accounts, or apps.
  • Require control over access and permissions: You want to maintain complete jurisdiction over your assets without attributing ownership to individuals who assist your business operations.
  • Want Business growth: You want the ability to request access to other pages, ad accounts, and apps, or share your pages, ads accounts, and apps with other agencies.
Facebook Business Manager


To create a Business Manager Account

  1. Go to Business Manager Overview.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Enter your business name.
  4. Enter your business email.

Note: Don’t enter your personal email account as you want to keep your private and professional accounts separate.

You’ll be redirected to your newly created Business Manager. Next you’ll need to add your assets, like Pages, ad accounts, and people to work on them.

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