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15 Great Facebook Features you should be using

Before we dive in lets look at some great reasons to have a Facebook Page for your business


Reasons to Get a Facebook Business Page.

The first reason would be simple, with 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) facebook is surely becoming a large platform to market your business. Having A Facebook Business Page will give you access to some of theses people

☞ Get Found by People who are searching for your products and services

☞ Connect and engage with current and potential customers/client

☞ Create a community around your business

☞ Promote other content you create, including webinars , blog articles or other useful resources

☞ Generate Leads for your business

Benefits of having a Facebook Business Page

☞ Pages can allocate multiple admins to help more people manage the account from anywhere and anytime.

☞Personal Profiles have friends , which require mutual acceptance, where as any body can “like/follow” a fan/business page

☞Also, there are roles that can be assigned, meaning that if you want your blog writer to only have control over blogs, you will assign the role of advertiser in order for him/her not to have access to incoming messages.

☞People who follow your page will get notifications when you post.

☞Facebook has this neat function called “offers” that, on acceptance allows you inside the clients email box without having to leave facebook.

Now for those who already have Facebook Page but want an extra edge!

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Here are 15 Great Facebook Features you should be using


1. Facebook Scheduled Post in Publishing Tools

Facebook Scheduled Posts


To Access Publishing Tools and Scheduled a post

⇒ Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page.

⇒ then Click Scheduled Posts in the left column.

⇒ Now Click “Create” on the left of the page

⇒ Create you post and click “Schedule” 


To Delete a Scheduled Facebook Post

To reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post:

⇒ Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page.

⇒ then Click Scheduled Posts in the left column.

⇒ Click the post you want to edit.


Benefits of using the “Scheduled Post” in Facebook Publishing  Tools:

  • No Mistakes – You wont make the mistake of clicking the “post” button on your competition that starts in 2 weeks. The “Scheduled Post” section’s main action button is “schedule: so your calendar pops up.
  • Save Data –  Your Page wont reload every time you schedule a post! For those who use the standard post creation section on the home page of the Facebook page know how irritating it is to have your entire page reload every time you schedule a post, especially if your’re like me and have multiple pages to manage and have 100’s of posts to schedule
  • Reschedule Post  – You Can Reschedule post from here as well



2. Take Advantage Of Facebook Engagement 

free facebook-likes

facebook likes

Some time ago while going through my insights I stumbled upon something. The: invite people who have liked your posts in the past to like your page. How do you find these people? Simple!

⇒ Navigate to your page insights.

⇒ When you get to your business Facebook page, navigate to the “Insights” section in the top navigation.

⇒ Once in your Insights, head to the “Posts” section on the left-hand side.

⇒ Once there, navigate to the bottom of the “Posts” page, where you’ll see a list of all the posts you’ve created. See the pink and blue bars under the column that says engagement? Find a post that has a lot of likes, comments, or shares.

⇒ Click on the the post you want to open. Remember, it should be one that already has some engagement!

⇒ Once you’re seeing the post details, look towards the bottom. See the little hearts and Like sign? Click it!

⇒ What pops up is the breakdown of who has liked this post. If you scroll down, you’ll see that next to each name there is a little button that says “Invite.” If the person has already liked your page, it will say “Liked.” If you’ve already invited the person, it will say “Invited.”

⇒ INVITE EVERYBODY. These people have already shown interest in one of your posts, so it’s pretty safe to assume they might like to see other things.



3. Facebook Offer

facebook offers

A Facebook offer is simply a Facebook post that offers a coupon



  • Facebook sends that user an email to their personal email account outside of Facebook. That means that your Offer is not only seen on Facebook, but now you are getting into the email boxes of interested prospects.
  • When prospects open their email, they will see a link to your website or an opt-in page (wherever you choose to send people to claim your offer).
  • When someone claims your offer, they’ll receive an email with details about how to redeem it at your business.
  • The email also includes your offer’s terms and conditions and the
    expiration date.


Click here to download the Reach More Facebook Offer Guide FOR FREE, it contains these below topics:

    • The “More Options”  Tab
    • Receiving Offer

9. Green Response Badge


Facebook Features Green Very Responsive


In 2016 Facebook implemented a new feature called “Facebook Page Response Badge”


What is a Facebook Responsive Badge?

 A Responsive Badge gives a facebook user the ability to see how fast a  Facebook business/fan page responds to messages. This is no good for facebook page admins who do not understand how to get their badge let alone keep their page responsiveness on “responds immediately” .



So all you have to do is meet the below criteria in every 7 day cycle.

1 – A response rate of 90% (respond to all messages)
2 – An average response time of 5 minutes or less

If you do, you will as soon see your Green Responsive Badge on your Facebook Business Page.

10. Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool

Post Coming Soon



Facebook recently partnered with Shutterstock, a popular royalty-free photography marketplace, to provide millions of stock images for small businesses to integrate into their Facebook ads and posts.

At no additional cost, users have unlimited access to Shutterstock’s licensed library, complete with search-engine ability and Facebook’s ad-creation tool.

Post Coming Soon



12. Facebook “Our Story”

Post Coming Soon


13. Facebook Shop

Facebook Shopping

Post Coming Soon


14. Adding A Facebook Recommend Button to your Website

Post Coming Soon

15. Facebook Events

Post Coming Soon


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