Why use Facebook for Promotions?

 As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users! Yes 1.86 billion monthly active users!

Can you afford to not utilize this platform?

But How?

Using Facebook to promote your business is awesome!.
However, what do you gain after 3000 people have viewed your advert?
Perhaps 10 of them maybe bought in!
What about the others that showed interest?
How does one capitalize off all this? Well we have a solution,
by integrating Mailchimp and Facebook in such a way that leads can sign up to your newsletter subscription in Mailchimp without you having to lift a finger!.


Integration only
Mail Chimp & Facebook Integration
Facebook Page Creation + Integration
Facebook Page Creation
Mail Chimp & Facebook Integration
MailChimp Account Creation + Integration
MailChimp Account Creation
MailChimp & Facebook Integration
Full Set up + Integration
Facebook Page Creation
MailChimp Account Creation
Mail Chimp & Facebook Integration


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