Facebook header image size for timeline

This is the big picture (also known as Facebook cover photo) for Facebook’s timeline.
Width: 851px
Height: 315px

Facebook event image sizes

You can use your standard 851×315 pixel header image. However, Facebook scales and crops it to
785×295 pixels.
Width: 785px
Height: 295px

Facebook event newsfeed update
Width: 470px
Height: 174px

Facebook upcoming events dimensions
Width: 150px
Height: 100px

Application icons for timeline view
These are the icons that are displayed on a fan page that has Facebook timeline enabled. If your
picture exceeds these limits, your icon will be resized and converted.
Width: 111px
Height: 74px
Maximum file size: 5MB

Facebook application favicon size
This is the tiny icon that is being displayed on the left hand side of your news feed, where the
applications that you use are.
Width: 16px
Height: 16px

Facebook milestone picture size
This is the size you use for milestone pictures such as company’s foundation date. This is also the
size for starred (highlighted) posts. The image in the post will be scaled down accordingly, if it
exceeds the limits.
Width: 843 pixels
Height: 403 pixels

Profile picture for timeline pages
Recently updated sizes for timeline. The new width and height are 180 px which will beautomatically scaled down to following:
Width: 32px
Height: 32px
It’s extremely important to choose a picture that can be scaled down as the profile pictures that are
displayed on timeline posts are really small. Best practice is to choose your logo.

The image that is displayed next to the link when you click like or share somenthing.
Width: 90px
Height: 90px

Facebook App Center Cover
The cover image for the app center, but it is partly covered by the app center icon image.
Width: 800px
Height: 150px

Facebook App Center icon
This is the icon that covers the app center. Attention: This partly covers your App Center cover
Width: 125px
Height: 125px

Facebook App Center Web Banner
This is the image that goes to the left of your screenshots in Facebook App Center.
Width: 155px
Height: 100px

Facebook App Center 3 Screenshots
These are the screenshots in Facebook App Center.
Width: 320px between 2048px
Height: 320px between 2048px
Facebook Offers
Headline text: 90 characters
Terms and conditions text: 900 characters
Offer image size: 90 x 90 px

Facebook page
The usable area of your brands Facebook page
Width: 779px (Update: The CSS of Facebook has some errors, so we’re not actually sure what
the final width will be. We suspect it will be 810 px)
Height: Unlimited
Uploaded images
This is the maximum size of the image you can upload.
Width: 2048px
Height: 2048px

Pinned post picture size
This is the size of the picture of your pinned post. Will not be scaled down so that smaller
dimension matches 403 pixels. Facebook will take the centre of the image and cut it out
accordingly. You can later adjust the horizontal (landscape images) or vertical (portrait images)
position of the picture.
Width: 403px
Height: 403px

Pictures displayed in Facebook
This is the maximum size of the image as shown in slide show or album.
Width: 960px
Height: 720px
Facebook ads
Picture in the ad
Width: 100px
Height: 72px
Size: 5MB
Text in ad
Header: 25 characters
Body copy: 90 characters

Facebook status update
Status update length: 63,206 characters
Comment length: unlimited

Facebook Video Size
The maximum size of vide you can upload
Size: 1.75GB
Length: 45 minutes

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