Social Media Marketing For Business




Start A Social Media Marketing Journey in 7 Easy Steps


Step 1: Introduction

Digital Marketing Social media marketing

  • Firstly you must understand what Social Media Marketing is.

We suggest you read our post on “What is Digital Marketing” (See Point #2)

For those who already know what Social Media can do for their business and want to start, you may continue reading.


Step 2. Choose 3 Main Platforms

social media for business

  • Once you understand what Social Media Marketing is, you will need to choose at least 3 platforms based on your Business Type.

We suggest you read our article on “Choosing the Correct Social Media Platform for my business” which will help you choose a Social Media platform that will best help you connect with your audience.

Best Suited Content: do you want your marketing to take the form of mainly a blog, video channel, podcast etc?  

Local listing Importance: We Suggest that you also make use of Directory Listings.

Know your target audience it will help if you already have an idea of who your Target Audience is.


Step 3. Creating Your Brand

social media for business

So you know what Social Media is, what it can do for you and you have chosen at least 3 platforms to start your Social Media Marketing journey and you have read about the importance of Directory Listings in a Digital Marketing venture. You can now go on to step 4, Creating/Establishing an Online Brand.

You will require the following:

  • An Effective Logo
  • Have an overall look/Feel for the brand
  • Have Set Values/Causes and Interests for the business brand


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